zaterdag 28 oktober 2017

Crowdfunding for a Circular Kitchen

Compost a la Carte: Worm Hotels 

for a Circular Kitchen. 

A worm hotel at restaurants is giving Chefs the tool to make their kitchen circular. Le Compostier will place 10 worm hotels at restaurants in town in 2018. To make this possible we are now starting with our crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunding is now online at

Compost a la Carte - crowdfunding Film

For millions of year worms have worked the top layer of our planet to provide loose an fertile soil. This top layer in which we grow our food has been eroded the last decades and needs our help. By composting organic waste in the city we can add value back to the soil, and in this manner create a circular city. 

Composting worms take a place at the table
Le Compostier will place 10 worm hotels at restaurants in and around Amsterdam in 2018. These worm hotels will process at least 40.000kg of organic waste into rich compost in the next year.  

Pilot Project
We are crowdfunding this pilot in order to give Chefs the chance to 'taste' how a worm hotel works. Your support for this crowdfunding will make it possible for professional chefs to experience a worm hotel as a sustainable solution for the organic waste of restaurants in the city.

Give back to the Soil for a healthy City
You can help to make a healthier city. By making a contribution to the crowdfunding of Le Compostier you wil give us the means to build the worm hotels and show how composting organic waste locally helps build a circular economy in our cities. In return you will get a nice meal, or some compost to feed the soil in your garden. Or would you like to build a Community Composter (see image below) yourself ? With the building plans of Le Compostier you will build a worm hotel for your street and compost together with your neighbours to make your own street green.

For more information on the crowdfunding please visit:

Le Compostier's Community Composter - 1000 L

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