zondag 28 september 2014

Le Compostier - english translation of project description

Project description of Le Compostier, participant of the Worldprize '14, 

organised by the AsnBank



Biologically produced compost and soil are prescious and costly. Why would we throw away valuable organical waste and than go and buy expensive compost for the vegetable garden?

adding some wormcompost to the garden.
In Amsterdam not all organical waste is beeing separated in the trash. But even when people do so, wste of organically produces crops mixes with crops full of rests of pesticides.
When composted, this will still be in the compost and will be taken in by the plants that grow in this soil.

Le Compostier is collecting only the organical waste of ecologically produced crops. This will be taken to community gardens to be composted there. The eco-Urban Compost will be used to grow food in the city.
The circle is closed.

Also individual households are taking a share in the Urban compost production. Le Compostier is offering to make or look for a fitting solution for balcony, roofterras and small city gardens. In that way making it possible for all that want, to compost their bio-kitchen-scraps.

The home-made compost can than be used to grow food at home, or at the community garden.

Do you like the work of Le Compostier, 
and would you like to give a hand? 
Than please make a vote for my project at the following link: 

You will need to confirm your vote by email! Otherwise it does not count.
All email addresses will be deleted after the competition

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