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Composting at the office.

Composting at Circl, at the feet of the headquarters of the
ABN AMRO bank in Amsterdam


The Office & the Worm Hotel.

Not too long ago it was common in the Netherlands to prepare your lunch at home and take some bread with slices of cheese to your office for your lunch break. 

Nowadays corporate buildings are housing professional kitchens with dedicated staff to offer fresh & healthy lunches, preferably using organic & local produce. 

It is also becoming more common to create green spaces near the office where people can sit and relax, have meetings outdoor, and even do some gardening to grow the lettuce and tomato's for their own lunches. 

These type of offices are now starting to discover the worm hotels as tools to make their company's kitchen a circular kitchen and use organic waste in a circular way.

Easy, clean and circular! 

Also in the middle of busy places like the financial district of Amsterdam at the Zuidas it is possible to compost organic waste. 

Urban Composter at Circl.
That is demonstrated by the Worm Hotel that Le Compostier build for Circl and that is in use by Circl's restaurant. The worm hotel is placed alongside the Gustav Mahlerplein and is covered with plants at the front and on top. A watergarden gives space to a lush green bouquet of waterplants.

People passing by hardly notice that inside the furniture millions of organisms are at work to make the finest compost available: vermicompost. Only when you open the windows on the sides of the composting furniture you discover what is happening inside; organic waste is turned into a valuable resource for Urban Greening.

The chef of Circl, Rudolf Brand, is taking great care of the workers in the worm hotel. He is showing great pride in the fact that the organic waste of the kitchen is not ending in the trash bin any longer and will be used to feed the herb garden of the restaurant.

Composting is not difficult, it actually is very easy! It does not smell and to be able to use the compost in the garden is very satisfying.

In this single Worm Hotel at
the Sloterdijk business area there
are more organism at work then there are 
people in all the office buildings
in the area together.

Huge workforce at work to make our City a Circular City! 

Did you know that in a teaspoon of healthy & alive compost there are more organisms then there are people living on the earth? Pretty impressive isn't?
And vermicompost is the most alive compost of all. 

When we would choose to invest in using our organic waste in a sustainable way we could do magic! There are so many places in our cities that could be producing food and give us the necessary green environment for healthy urban living, if only we would choose to start using our organic waste in a sustainable way and feed the soil! 

Luckily there a more and more places that choose to start composting the organic waste that they are producing. Offices and restaurants make compost in their own Worm Hotel and use the compost to feed the soil of their gardens.

Worm Hotel at café - restaurant Bret at
the business centre of Sloterdijk - Amsterdam.

Investing in a healthy future.

Right now things are up in our economies and it seems like the sky is the limit. Big building projects are realised and green spots in our cities are under pressure. The value of m2's are sky rocketing, but what is the value of a tree in the city? 

Cities like London are investing in their urban green and seem to understand that a city without enough green is doomed to suffer from health & social issues that are way more costly then reserving some space for trees & plants. 

The same counts for the way we treat organic waste. It seems cheap to discard it and burn or burry it in landfills. But if we do not start valuing it now we might end up paying a huge price: the loss of fertility of the soil.

If we wish to live abundant lives we need to understand we owe our wealth to the soil. 

Let's meet in the Garden!

At the KIT (Royal Institute for the Tropics) in Amsterdam many small and big companies are sharing the monumental building as an office space. Many of these companies are working on sustainability issues and each has its own niche focus.

Just a while ago, on initiative of De Gezonde Stad (one of the organisations that is housing at KIT) a vegetable garden was realised at the location. People of different organisations are taking care of their own part of the garden and grow some food while relaxing AND meet each other. In that way these companies can meet each other, grow stronger networks and have a bigger impact together.  

To make the location more circular Le Compostier was asked to build a big Worm Hotel to turn the food waste of the Tropen Hotel into a rich compost and to be used to feed the garden soil. 

Watergarden on top of the Worm Hotel at
the headquarters of Insurance company
Zorg & Zekerheid

Make your Office a Circular Office! 

Do you wish to start composting at your office building? We make it possible! 

You don't need to have a lot of space available. We design custom made solutions for your location & help make the transition to a circular use of organic waste. 

If you wish to get more information about Le Compostier and the Worm Hotels or get a free quote for your office please send us an email

Worms at Work! 

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