zaterdag 1 maart 2014

Wormtea or vermicompost, testing the effect on wheatgrass

My first wormbin

simple stacking bin made from boxes bought at ikea

Since about a year now, I have been composting our organic waste in the small wormbin that I made from plastic stacking boxes.
It is working good, the worms seem to have a good time, and I have been able to harvest some good vermicompost for the garden from it.

Hearing about the good aspects of the vermicompost had brought me to try out the vermicomposting-system for myself, and am getting more passionate about it each day.

I had read that the liquid that comes out of the wormbin (if you drain the system),  also has great properties for plants. And so I have been spraying it on the plants in the garden. They grow well, but (since I am all new to gardening as a whole) I had no refference point to the effect of the compost. Would they grow equally well without it?

To find out what would be the answer I have set up a little test in my kitchen at home.

Since I have been growing wheatgrass in my kitchen window for some time now, I thought it would be the easiest to use that as testing material.
It grows easy and fast. And I would have a fine harvest of wheatgrass after the test is done, to juice it and drink the wheatgrass juice.

here is a link to the posts about the first test I concluded. It is in Dutch, since I am living in the Netherlands, but if you hit 'translate' it should be understandable in English.

As you can read in the post, the result was very positive, but I want to make more tests, to learn more about the use of the compost and get a stronger proof.
Therefor I have started a new test today.
Now with 3 equal blue containers :)
I will try to make conditions as equal as possible for each of the 3.

The wheatgrains have germinated well and I will plant them in the containers. In each of the containers I have added the same amount of earth (140grams).
Before planting the grains,  I have kept the soil at room temperature for some time, since it came from outdoors. I think it will be less of a shock for the grains to go into the soil that way.

In each of the containers I have planted 40 grams of germinated wheat.

Let the test begin :)

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