woensdag 15 november 2017

Adopt a Composting Worm

The streets & canals of Amsterdam
are full of visitors. foto: Tom van der Leij

Amsterdam is a great place to visit

Amsterdam is a beautiful city and a very popular place to visit for tourists these days. With a rich cultural history and many cultural highlights to visit, Amsterdam is now visited by 17 million tourists per year. The many tourist might be good for the economy of Amsterdam, but the environmental and social impact of tourism on the city can also have its downsides. 

While staying in Amsterdam many of the visitors will have their meals at diners and restaurants. Luckily there are many great restaurants to choose from. With a wide range of kitchens from all over the world there is a place for every taste to be found. But while enjoying a great meal the visitors of restaurants might not be aware of the amount of foodscraps and foodwaste that is produced in the restaurant industry. Mostly organic waste is not processed in a sustainable way and this causes environmental pollution.  

Le Compostier Worm Hotel at Restaurant As
foto: R.Snijder

Worm Hotels at Restaurant Kitchens

An alternative for wasting the kitchen scraps in the restaurants is to compost them in a Worm Hotel. A Worm Hotel is a furniture in which a small eco-system will make the most wonderful compost out of the organic waste. By placing them at restaurants the chefs will be able to make compost to feed the soil of their production gardens. 

More and more restaurants are investing in making their kitchens more sustainable and use produce from local farmers or even grow some food themselves in gardens on rooftops or next to the restaurant. The Vermicompost from the Worm Hotels can be used in the garden or given back to the local farmers. 

Adopt a Composting Worm

Are you planning to visit Amsterdam? You can now make your stay more sustainable by booking a room for a composting worm into a wormhotel! You get the food on your plate and the worms get the rests. So when you leave our beautiful city after your stay you can be happy to know that you have contributed to making our city more green and sustainable. 

Want to help make more healthy soil in Amsterdam? Great! You can do so by supporting our crowdfunding Compost à la Carte. Every donation helps us to make more restaurants sustainable and grow more food in the city. Go to the 'rewards' list and choose: 'Adopt a worm'

Would you like to visit one of the worm hotels yourself? We are happy to take you on one of our Eco-bike-tours and show you Circular Amsterdam by bike. 

A room with a view
foto: Jan Willem Groen

Leave the place better then you found it. 

I belief we are all as visitors here. Our planet is one big Hotel. We check in when we are born and check out time is when we die. Do we leave the bill to be payed by who comes next? Or do we leave a better place then the one we have found?

So will you help us make Amsterdam more beautiful? Give us your support at bit.ly/CFCompostier

Thank you and enjoy your stay! 

Rowin Snijder of Le Compostier

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