dinsdag 22 november 2016

Making a Greener City for Healthy Urban Living

The Community Compost School

The Community Compost School is the latest educational programme of The Green Living Lab that is focussing on turning organic waste in the city into a valuable resource for local foodproduction.

People are inspired to start composting their organic waste in wormhotels that are placed on streetcorners. Neighbours join to make compost and build stronger communities. 

When using the compost in their own gardens or by donating the compost to urban farms these community compost projects help to make the city a greener place. 

Green the City!

This weeks episode of the Community Compost School is all about making a greener and more healthy city to live in. There are many ways that we can participate in making the city a better place for us to live in. 

During the fifth workshop day we will learn & brainstorm together how to make this happen.

If you want to take part to the workshop please send an email to The Green Living Lab.

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