maandag 24 oktober 2016

All new StreetcornerComposter at the Green Living Lab

VermiComposting in the heart of the financial Zuidas district of Amsterdam

The StreetcornerComposter on location                    
at the Green Living Lab, Zuidas Amsterdam.                              
As part of the Community Compost School, the new educational programme of the Green Living Lab, Le Compostier was asked to build two new worm hotels for use by the participants of the CCS.

The first StreetcornerComposter was designed for the Community Compost project of Peter Jan Brouwer and was placed literally on the corner of the Franshalsstraat in the Pijp, Amsterdam.

Since this pilot project the design has been improved and has resulted in the all new StreetcornerComposter, currently in use at the Green Living Lab.

The finished worm compost can be easily
harvested by opening the sliding doors
at the front. Worm pee (a potent fertilizer
for indoor & outdoor plants)
 collects in a container at the bottom.

A garden on top creates space for growing food, herbs &
flowers & insulates the Worm Hotel. The coconut husks help
keep moisture in the soil on top of the Worm Hotel.

The Community Compost School

On the 30th of September we started our new educational programme: The Community Compost School. In this programme we bring students, local organisations & members of the public together to learn how to convert organic waste into compost using Worm Hotels. The compost made during the programme will be used for local food production. 

The programme consists of 6 workshops on topics including the Soil Food Web, the role of Fungi in making healthy soil, the Circular Economy, Food Waste and using Worm Hotels to make compost in the city. 

Next Friday, 28th October, we're going on an Eco Bike Tour, visiting pioneering community composting projects in Amsterdam & discovering some of the city's most beautiful urban farms. 

 Community Compost School - Eco Bike Tour

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